Our Products

Preview offer a wide range of products to a variety of industries.  Many of our customers are fully automated and require packaging that will perform reliably, at high speeds.  Others require specialist designs that will display and protect their items.

We also specialise in the supply of edged cartons for the retail cling film and foil market.  With 15 years experience of this niche product, we have supplied most of the volume converters in the UK.

Below we show a selection of our products.


Edged cartons for Retail Cling Film and Foil… Edged Cartons - Foil & ClingFilm - 450's
Edged Cartons

Edged cartons for Retail Cling Film and Foil… More information »

We produce 6-8 million cartons annually, over a wide range of different prints and most on a continuous supply basis.  We keep a close eye on stock movement to ensure availability over a substantial portfolio.  Our cartons are designed to perform with fully automated packing machinery at speed.  

A significant proportion of these are edged cartons, which we are able to do in-house without recourse to a trade finisher, thus giving us the control and flexibility needed by our customers.

Our preferred edging material is high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), to give us a sharp edge allied to high bio stability.  This is more environmentally friendly than many other edging materials and will not hinder the board recycling process.  On its own it is, of course, fully recyclable.

We are currently making further investments to improve our unique edging facility.  We are able to edge and glue in one pass and this new machine will now enable us to edge cartons of any length from 250mm to 500mm, following customer demand for 350mm cartons.

HangPacks, Cartridge Boxes… Eley -  Bismuth Eley - Hagon Shocks - Diesbox - Bisley -
Retail Packs

HangPacks, Cartridge Boxes… More information »

We supply a variety of packaging styles, from straight line cartons for auto pack lines to crash-lock cartons for semi auto lines, to four corner glued cartons, to hanging packs, to….

The finishes also vary, from a full colour front and reverse print with a UV gloss finish, to 2 colour cartons with a standard varnish finish.  Boards are available in a range of quality, both recycled and virgin boards and including microflute and regular fluted board.

Window Boxes, Cases… Eley - Poster / Print Promotions - Harrods -
Specialist Packs

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Customers needing specialist packs that will display their products have a choice of windowed cartons or our special packs that utilise the strength of both board and PET with an integral design.  These packs will withstand repeated handling and continue to look good on the shelf for much longer than conventional windows.  Their design can also give substantial strength and weight, allowing glasses and crockery to be display packed safely.

We  produce packaging that has exceptional criteria, for example outsize packaging for medical stents that have to be sterilized with their contents.  These cartons come in a variety of sizes up to 1.8m long and are produced using a special bleach board.

Micro-flute board:
We have ten years experience of printing directly on to micro-fluted board. This new material is suitable for multi-colour, doubleside print to register. This versatility offers unique marketing abilities and we have supplied direct mailing packs for major brands. The material is also useful for more general work, when higher strength and stability is required.

Airline Packs, Fastfood Cartons… Chester -
Catering & Food

Airline Packs, Fastfood Cartons… More information »

Customers in the catering industry have special needs, including cartons and board clam packs for take-away outlets, made from grease resistant material.  
We produce four-corner trays for food display and specially designed snack food packs for airlines.

All materials used are certified for Direct Food Contact.

Product Tags, Point of Sale (POS)… PostPak -

Product Tags, Point of Sale (POS)… More information »

Many items are unique to our customers and include product tags for horticultural products, point of sale display (shelf markers) and dispensers, exhibition materials (posters and banners) and many others.  Anything that requires design, print and manufacture can be delivered to you.